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  • StraightLine Construction

Red Nolan Jaguar

Southern Colorado

  • Project Type: Underpinning & Repair

  • Division: Commercial

  • Service: Compaction Grouting


Built over native sandy clays and 10+ feet of imported fill, the service bay of the Red Nolan Jaguar and Land Rover dealership was built on a steep hillside in Colorado Springs.

Over time the native soils and fill began settling and large voids up to 6” deep were developing beneath the building.

Casing was placed at ten locations up to 27 feet deep. At each location 4 ft³ of grout per vertical foot were placed, stopping just shy of the surface to prevent movement of the structure.

Once compaction grouting was completed, additional flowable grout was used to void fill gaps as much as six inches deep beneath the floor slab.

Constant monitoring of volume and pressure and fine tuning of grout mixes during the grouting process is crucial to a successful compaction grouting job.


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