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Straight Line Construction has successfully installed micropiles on hundreds of projects throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, West Texas, Wyoming, California, and Utah.

What are Micropiles?

Micropiles are relatively small diameter, drilled and grouted deep foundations elements. Micropiles consist of a composite steel and grout section with a center reinforcing bar inside the grout body. 

How are micropiles installed?

Depending on soil conditions and required loads, micropiles can be installed utilizing open-hole drilling techniques with solid reinforcing or with hollow reinforcing where the grout is pumped through the reinforcing as the micropile is advanced to depth. Permanent steel casing can be incorporated into the micropile where needed due to structural loading.

Foundation Damage Tucson
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What benefits can micropiles provide on my project?

Depending on the size of the micropile and reinforcing, typical micropile loads range from about 25 to over 380 kips. Micropiles can support loads in compression and tension and achieve their load carrying capacity through the skin friction developed between the grout surface and the surrounding soils and rock. A large range of drilling and installation techniques are available for micropile installation, making micropiles suitable for most all soil and rock conditions. 

In what applications can micropiles be used?

Micropiles can be utilized for new construction applications as well as for remedial repair of structures. Micropiles are uniquely well suited for areas with limited access and low headroom where high load capacity is required and conventional drilled shaft or driven pile installation is not feasible. Micropiles can be installed in areas with as little as 8 feet or less of headroom and some of the smaller drills can traverse through a 3 foot wide door.

What are some of the advantages of using micropiles?

Some of the advantages of micropiles include:

  • Can carry loads in both tension and compression

  • Suitable for most all ground conditions

  • Minimal vibration during installation

  • Suitable for limited access and low overhead installation

  • High load carrying capacity with relatively small diameters