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Mud Jacking

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Straight Line Construction has successfully performed mud jacking on thousands of projects throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming.

What is Mud Jacking?

Mud jacking, sometimes referred to as slab jacking or concrete leveling is a technique that involves injecting a cement slurry under pressure beneath slabs or concrete flatwork to hydraulically lift and re-level the concrete. 

How is this technique done?

Mud jacking is performed by drilling small diameter holes through the existing concrete. A cement and water slurry is then injected though the hole to fill any voids and help stabilize loose of soft soils. Additional slurry is then placed under pressure to hydraulically raise and re-level the concrete surface. Multiple injection points may be treated to help level large areas.

How can mud jacking benefit my project?

Mud jacking can be used to re-level concrete slabs and flatwork that have settled. Settlement of these features can cause improper surface drainage that may result in runoff water being directed towards structures which can adversely affect building foundations and their performance. Uneven or out of level concrete slabs and flatwork can also cause significant safety and trip hazards. 

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Mud jacking is a relatively non-disruptive technique that can be used to re-level existing concrete slabs and flatwork to re-establish positive surface drainage away from structures and improve safety associated with tripping hazards. Mud jacking does not require a significant amount of equipment and disturbance of the existing concrete is minimal. 

In what applications can this technique be used?

Mud jacking can be utilized in a variety of applications including:

  • Raising existing concrete slabs and flatwork to re-establish positive drainage away from structures

  • Re-level existing flatwork such as sidewalks and patios to reduce hazards associated with tripping

What advantages does mud jacking offer?

Some of the advantages of mud jacking include:

  • No drill spoils are created

  • Relatively economical and quick

  • Damage to existing concrete is minimal

  • Can be performed in most weather conditions

  • Impacts on existing landscaping and surrounding areas are minimal

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