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Soldier Pile & Lagging

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Straight Line Construction and Ram Jack Companies have installed both cantilevered and tied back soldier pile and lagging earth retention systems throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 

What are soldier piles & lagging?

Soldier pile and lagging is a type of cantilevered earth retention system that utilizes vertical steel beams with wood or concrete lagging or panels between the beams to retain earth.

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How are soldier piles & lagging utilized?

Soldier piles typically consist of W or HP steel sections and are installed in vertically excavated holes, typically drilled with an auger 12” to 36” in diameter. Depending on the permanency of the pile and lagging system, the drill hole around the vertical steel section will be backfilled with concrete, or a combination of concrete below the toe of excavation and flow fill above or in temporary applications, flow fill the entire steel element height. Soldier piles are often installed on 6’ to 8’ centers on the perimeter of a proposed excavation. After installation the inside face of the soldier pile is excavated and lagging is placed behind the front flange of the W or HP section to retain the earth between the vertical elements and transfer earth pressure to the vertical piles.

What benefits can soldier piles and lagging provide on my project?

Soldier piles and lagging can be used in a variety of conditions. For very tall excavations where soldier beam size availability is not practical, the vertical elements can be supported by tieback anchors, which can increase the depth of excavations using a smaller vertical pile element. For zero lot line applications, rakers and interior bracing can be utilized for additional lateral support, keeping the vertical pile element economical.

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In what applications can soldier piles and lagging be used?

Soldier piles and lagging can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Temporary earth retention or shoring for excavations

  • Permanent earth retention and shoring

What advantages do solider piles and lagging provide?

Some of the advantages of soldier piles and lagging include:

  • Can be installed in zero lot line situations

  • Excavation proceeds uninterrupted for cantilevered soldier pile and lagging systems

  • Tieback anchors can be utilized to reduce the soldier pile size and depth below the toe of the proposed excavation by providing additional lateral support

  • Internal rakers and bracing can be used to economize the vertical pile section by providing additional lateral support

  • Soldier beam and lagging can become permanent foundations for below grade structures

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