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Foundation Piles, Piers & Brackets

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Helical piers can be used in many residential applications. If you have a home showing the signs of foundation settlement, please call or fill out the form on this page for an on-site evaluation.

A few benefits of helical piles:

  • Rapid installation

  • Ideal for areas with high water tables

  • Ideal for tight spaces

  • Can be used around perimeter of home and underneath the home

  • Installed quickly in one visit

  • Removed and reused with ease

  • Green installation


Straight Line Construction Co. is a certified dealer of Ram Jack’s patented helical piers for the residential industry.

From settlement piers and foundation repair piles to pre-construction piers, we develop custom, foundation solutions for both residential and commercial applications utilizing best in class foundation products and technologies.

Helical Piles


This video animation shows the installation process of helical piles in residential foundation repair. Watch to learn more.

Request an
On-Site Evaluation

If you think your home or business is showing signs of foundation damage, fill out the form below to connect with our team & get an on-site evaluation by trusted, foundation repair specialists.



Micropiles are used in many commercial applications but can also be an affordable solution for many residential repairs. Micropiles are an ideal solution for repairs needed in confined spaces and difficult soil conditions. Each foundation repair solution is unique and designed to correct your specific situation. Please fill out the form on this page or give us a call for an on-site evaluation. Our foundation repair consultants will evaluate your specific problem and offer you an affordable and permanent solution.

Micropiles Residential.jpg
House Push Piers.jpg

Push Piers are often the best option for homes suffering from settlement issues. Warning signs of foundation damage are listed below. If you notice any of these signs please call or fill out the form on this page for an on-site evaluation.

Warning signs of foundation damage:

  • Cracks in exterior brick

  • Cracks in stucco or concrete

  • Chimney separation

  • Sloping floors

  • Cracks in dry wall

  • Molding and trim separating from ceiling

  • Cracks in ceiling


Straight Line Construction Co. is a certified dealer of Ram Jack’s

patented push piers for the residential industry.

Push Piers

Push Piers.jpg

Pre-Construction Piers

It is important to protect new construction and prevent future downward settlement before it even begins. Piers installed during the pre-construction phase of a new home, commercial building, or residential addition lessen any impacts of substandard soil. They are cost-effective, easy to install, can be installed in two days or less, and can be completed in any type of weather conditions.

Rely on Straight Line Construction Co. and our network of geotechnical engineers to assess your site and soil conditions before construction starts. We can save you money by preventing future building settlement issues.


This Pre-Construction Pier video animation shows the installation process of pre-construction piers. Watch to learn more.

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