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Pier & Beam

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

As older homes settle, shift and breath throughout their life, the individual foundation supports can move at slightly different rates. Extreme moisture variations in the soils can also cause the supports to heave or settle. Shifting soils can result in minor problems or result in a complete failure of the entire support mechanism. These changes can cause drywall cracking, sinking or heaving floors, cracked floor tiles cracked fireplace hearths and more.

Straight Line Construction has a variety of ways to repair out of date or failing supports. Some circumstances are easily corrected by installing simple posts and other problems may require a new support beam and base.Call Straight Line Construction today for an on-site evaluation or fill out the form on this site. Our team will expertly evaluate your home and offer affordable solutions. ​​

Common Repair Services

Below are just a few of the common repair services we offer for Pier and Beam failure.

  • Steel Adjustable Columns: replace old wood, concrete, block, stone, brick or undersized supports

  • New Concrete Base and Adjustable Column: remove undersized or non-existent base and set new adjustable columns

  • Helical Pier or Micro-Pile, Concrete Cap and Adjustable Column

    • For maximum performance, replace a failing or undersized base with a helical pier followed by a new cap and adjustable post.

    • Can also be used to replace heaving supports from future movement


  • Beam Replacement

    • We can strengthen or replace your existing support beams

    • Additional beams and bases can be added to reduce squeaking, bouncing and sagging floor joists


  • Joist Strengthening or Sister: add additional support to reduce squeaking, bouncing and sagging floor joists

Request an
On-Site Evaluation

If you think your home or business is showing signs of foundation damage, fill out the form below to connect with our team & get an on-site evaluation by trusted, foundation repair specialists.



Pier and Beam Crawl space.jpg


pier and beam crawl space repair.jpg
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