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  • StraightLine Construction

Edgewater CO Residence

Ram Jack Colorado

  • Project Type: New Construction Piers & Move Structure

  • Division: Residential

  • Service: New Construction Piers

Customers are doing a major remodel of an existing home. The existing home needs to be moved and then an addition more than doubling the square footage will be constructed. They need to move the existing structure 3’ south and 5’ west of its current location to meet updated building codes and easements


Ram Jack of Colorado was contracted to move the current home and install 38 New Construction Piers to support the new foundation for both the current structure and the new additions

1/27/2021 - Ram Jack of Colorado worked with Winslow Crane to pick the house and move it. The house was temporarily set on “dunnage” approximately 2’ above it’s final resting place to allow for excavation, pier install, form and pour of the crawl space foundation.

Once the new crawl space foundation is finished RJCO will return to lower the structure and secure it to the new foundation.

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