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Foundation Repair Solutions

Home Foundation Repair And Solutions Contractor In Denver

Ram Jack of Colorado, Inc. is your first choice for home foundation repair and concrete leveling solutions. Throughout Denver, we are known as a top foundation repair contractor working on homes and commercial properties throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

Foundation problems are common in the Denver area. Unfortunately, ignoring the early warning signs of a shifting foundation can result in higher costs of repairs. At the first signs of cracks, water damage, leaks in the foundation, exterior cracks, sloping floors, or any damages to the home or business structure, call on the team at Ram Jack.

We specialize in a range of different services, including foundation crack repair, foundation inspection, concrete leveling, basement leaks, and drainage solutions. All our home foundation repairs begin with a foundation inspection, allowing our team to evaluate the problems and make the ideal recommendations for solutions.

How Much is Foundation Repair?

As your foundation contractor in Denver, we provide a customized evaluation to allow us to determine the specific foundation solutions to address cracks, failures, settlement and bowing basement walls. We are a trusted concrete foundation contractor in the Denver area. Our goal is to make sure any foundation issues we find are repaired to ensure your home or commercial business retains its value.

At Ram Jack of Colorado, Inc, a part of Straight Line Construction Co., we work with our customers to find the right foundation repair solutions to address the problem and work within your budget.

If you are concerned about your foundation, give us a call to schedule an on-site evaluation. The on-site assessment offers homeowners and commercial property owners insight into any existing problems. We will also discuss foundation repair options to repair the issue before it results in more damage to your home or business. 


What Type Of Warranty Does Ram Jack of Colorado Foundation Repair Offer?


Ram Jack offers a lifetime, transferable warranty on installed Ram Jack helical and push piles. These products are also backed by an additional Dealers Association Warranty Trust Program. This is one of the strongest warranties in the foundation repair industry.

How Do I Spot Foundation Damage?

The signs of foundation failure can range from exterior and interior wall cracks, sloping floors, chimney separation, bowing basement walls and more. However, the only way to know for sure is to have one of our trained specialists perform a professional on-site evaluation. Even the smallest cracks in sheetrock could be a sign of larger troubles. If you don’t have a foundation problem, we will inform you. If you do, we will recommend a proper solution and explain the entire process thoroughly.

What is the most effective way to prevent foundation failure?

The causes of foundation settlement are complex and vary widely. Most of the time foundation settlement occurs due to soil instability from environmental factors such as excess moisture and drought. Foundation settlement can also occur from poor site preparation during construction. In many cases foundation damage may not be preventable. However, all homeowners should make sure they have proper drainage systems in place around their homes. Proper drainage can go a long way in preventing all sorts of problems around your home.

What is the average time it takes to complete the work?

Every foundation repair is created specifically for the individual home or business where it is being installed. Many repairs are completed in just one day but there are many variables in play. Your Ram Jack consultant will give you a clear plan of action during the evaluation process.

What kind of foundations do you repair?

Ram Jack specializes in residential and commercial foundation repair. We can work on slab foundations, crawl space foundations, pier and beam foundations, commercial buildings and more. Ram Jack has been repairing foundations for over 40 years!

Will foundation problems affect the value of my home?

Foundation damage can severely affect the value of your home. Don’t wait. Foundation settlement will not get better on its own.

Will my Homeowners insurance cover the cost of repairs?

Unfortunately, the majority of foundation repairs are not covered by homeowners insurance. Every policy is different and you should consult your insurance company to make sure. Ram Jack of Colorado understands that this is an unexpected and unwelcome problem. We offer a variety of affordable solutions and financing options are available.


In which locations do you provide foundation repair?

We have proudly served customers as foundation repair experts for more than 30 years in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Do you provide foundation repair for homes or businesses?


We have generations of experience in foundation repair, which allows us to work confidently with a wide range of customers including businesses, organizations, government, construction, and engineering. We provide foundation solutions for commercial properties, infrastructure, new commercial builds, residential properties, and more. We have dedicated, commercial engineers who are highly trained in the products and services that we provide.

What are the signs that we need foundation repair?


Signs to look for inside the house include:

  • Misaligned doors and windows

  • Cracks in sheetrock

  • Gaps around moulding

  • Sloping floors

  • Cracks in the floor or tile

Outside the house, things to look for include:

  • Cracks in brick

  • Gaps around doors and windows

  • Foundation cracks

  • Trim pulling away

In the crawl space under the house, signs of foundation problems include:

  • Cracks in walls

  • Sloping floors

  • Doors that will not close

  • Shifting piles in crawl space

If you have a basement under your home, signs of foundation issues include:

  • Bowing basement walls

  • Bulging basement walls

  • Wall cracks

  • Moisture problems

How can customers schedule an on-site evaluation?

Customers can request an on-site evaluation by submitting the online form. If you have any questions or need to talk to a member of our team you can call us at one of the following numbers:


  • Colorado: (303) 716-7434

  • Arizona: (480) 941-3448

  • New Mexico (505) 771-8890

Do you provide concrete lifting solutions?

Yes. We provide concrete lifting solutions in the form of mud jacking, residential compaction grouting, and polyurethane foam injection.

What type of services do you offer for commercial projects?

We provide a wide range of services for commercial projects including:


  • Commercial foundation repair

  • Auger cast piles

  • Compaction grouting

  • Helical piles

  • Micropiles

  • Mud jacking

  • Polyfoam injection

  • Push piles

  • Soil nails and shotcrete

  • Soldier piles and lagging

  • Tie back anchors

What does the damage mean?
Foundation Damage


Foundation settlement can occur when soils begin to shift underneath your home or business. Signs of damage can be sloping floors, a leaning chimney, windows that stick, gaps around doors, cracked tile and even bowed basement walls. As a certified dealer of Ram Jack’s patented products, Straight Line is a leader in the foundation repair, mud jacking and concrete leveling industry in Centennial & Denver, Colorado.

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Have you noticed gaps or sagging concrete in or around your home? A sagging slab can be a major foundation issue caused by voids & sinkholes developing underneath a home & leading to rapid settlement. Concrete settlement may also pose a problem in your home's driveway or sidewalks. We offer concrete lifting solutions to restore stability in & around your structure. Get started with an on-site evaluation & learn more about your options.

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Julie, CO

I am very impressed with Ramjack. Kevin came to our house to look at our concrete window well that had sunk on one side and he explained how they could raise it with a helical pier. The 3 guys that came to do the work did an amazing job. After removing flagstone and digging 6 feet down, they lifted the sunken window well, returned the dirt, tamped it down and then re-laid the flagstone steps. Everything looks good as new! Taylor scheduled the project and took the deposit and balance payments and was always friendly.

Everyone at Ramjack that I dealt with was very professional! I highly recommend Ramjack!

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