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Site Drainage

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Over time the soils around you home may settle, heave or erode. This change in contour can result in negative drainage toward your home which may lead to water intrusion, water damage, and even foundation failure. Drainage does not just include the soils around your home but it also pertains to patios, porches, decks, sidewalks and any other type of surface that can trap water or carry it away from the home. Repairs can vary from simply regrading the existing soils up to a complete redesign of the site to include changes in landscape materials and in ground drains.

Site Drainage Solutions

Straight Line Construction offers a variety of drainage solutions. Call or click today for an on-site evaluation. Below is a list for some of our site drainage solutions.

  • Regrading of existing soils

  • Import, backfill and grading of new soils

  • Concrete leveling (Mud Jacking and Poly Foam Lifting)

  • Concrete removal and replacement

  • Removal of trees and shrubs

  • Installation of surface drains (commonly referred to as French Drains)

  • Retaining wall installation

  • Removal of improper sprinkler systems and drip lines

  • Extending gutter down spouts

  • Bury the extended down spouts to carry water far from the home

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